Ledger Mania is the game that makes accounting fun!

Ledger Mania Online and Board Games for Accounting Education

Teaching accounting is easier with Ledger Mania’s online and board games that make accounting fun for your students and reinforce the principles of debits, credits, and a balanced trial balance.

Ledger Mania is an educational tool designed for use in the accounting curriculum. Ledger Mania is available in two formats:

  • Board game for the traditional classroom
  • Online game for hybrid and online classes

Ledger Mania is used throughout the semester to demonstrate the accounting cycle of a service or merchandising firm, to reinforce concepts such as LIFO/FIFO and introduce topics such as Not-for-profit and hospitality accounting. Play the sole proprietorship or corporate version to match your textbook. You can even design your own custom transaction set to teach specific topics or skills. (Please note that not all transaction sets are currently available in the online game format.)

Ledger Mania can be used in your Principles of Accounting class to reinforce the basics. Ledger Mania can be used in your Intermediate Accounting class to reinforce principles from prior classes. Ledger Mania can also be used as a tutoring tool, in your accounting club, or in your student AICPA or IMA chapter.

Ledger Mania satisfies active, or contextual, learning and teaching requirements. Click the Board Game or Online Game links at the top for more information on each game format.

Add some excitement to your classroom with this engaging, competitive and fun activity while enhancing your students' understanding of the accounting concepts.

Accounting Classroom

Active Learning and Teaching

The easy way!

The students enjoy using the game [Ledger Mania] to reinforce accounting skill-sets. The game also teaches them to work together as a team, reinforcing the importance of communication.


Housatonic Community College

Ledger Mania is a wonderful asset to enhance your accounting classes. It provides reinforcement for accounting concepts in a fun and alternative way. I teach intermediate accounting and really appreciate different ways to engage students and have found Ledger Mania...

M. F.

University of Georgia

Our accounting fundamentals class often has a steep learning curve for students. Since we are a technical college, most of our students have little to no experience in accounting at all. I've found that by flipping the class a bit...


Accounting Instructor | College of Trades, Industry and Professional Studies
Emily Griffith Technical College


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