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Teach Accounting with Ledger Mania Board Game

Teach accounting with our fun classroom board game. Simulate the accounting cycle with included problem sets that allow multiple uses throughout the semester.

Ledger Mania the Board Game

Ledger Mania the Board Game is an educational board game designed for use in the accounting classroom. Ledger Mania provides an active learning environment, which is fun and relevant for your college or high school students. This classroom activity is both competitive and collaborative.

When students play Ledger Mania the Board Game they pay and receive cash and handle multi-color inventory chips while journalizing and posting, bringing them to a higher level of understanding. Best of all, Ledger Mania requires little or no preparation work for the instructor and is ready to play for the first time, right out of the box.

Ledger Mania the Board Game includes eight game versions:

  • 1. Service company
  • 2. Merchandising company
  • 3. Sole proprietorship or corporation
  • 4. Special journals and subsidiary ledgers
  • 5. LIFO/FIFO inventory concepts
  • 6. Hospitality accounting
  • 7. Not-for-profit organization
  • 8. Basic forensic accounting transactions
  • 9. Or create your own custom transactions using our available templates

(Note: Not all game versions are available in the Online Game)

Add some excitement to your classroom with this interactive, engaging, and fun activity while enhancing your students’ understanding of the accounting concepts.

Ledger Mania is the game that makes accounting fun!


See the short “how to play” video for details on playing this interactive and fun game!

Accounting concepts come alive as students record transactions and pay or receive cash. Team members collaborate and learn together as they compete with other teams to create an accurate trial balance, reconcile the cash on hand, and account for inventory using LIFO or FIFO assumptions

Ledger Mania the Board Game is Not Monopoly


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