Ledger Mania Online Accounting Educational Game

Excite and motivate your students with the Ledger Mania Online Game that simulates the accounting cycle with included problem sets allowing multiple uses throughout the semester. Watch the instructional videos to implement Ledger Mania quickly and easily.

Ledger Mania the Online Game

Ledger Mania the Online Game is an educational tool designed to supplement the accounting classroom. Whether you teach a traditional class, a hybrid class, or a solely online class, Ledger Mania provides a self-paced and fun activity that allows your students to compete with one another for points earned.

Students obtain a higher level of understanding when they play Ledger Mania the Online Game as they are immersed in a real-life scenario. Students account for cash, journalize and post related transactions, and, finally, create an accurate and balanced trial balance to score the most possible points. The transactions are randomly selected so each student works a different problem set. Best of all, it’s auto graded.


See the short video for a demonstration of this fun and engaging online accounting game!

Ledger Mania the Online Game includes seven transaction sets from which to build games:

  • Service Company Corporate
  • Service Company Proprietorship
  • Merchandising Company Corporate
  • Merchandising Company Proprietorship
  • Not-for-Profit Organization
  • Hospitality Company
  • Auditing/Forensic Accounting


Watch how to play in student mode

Coming soon to Ledger Mania: (1) ability to edit current transaction sets, and (2) ability to create your own custom transaction sets!

Add some online excitement to your accounting class with this engaging and fun activity while enhancing your students’ understanding of basic accounting concepts.

Ledger Mania is the game that makes accounting fun!


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