Ledger Mania Better than Free Monopoly-Like Games

Free monopoly-like games for accounting are time consuming, difficult to implement, and focus on asset accumulation. Let Ledger Mania solve these problems and increase student engagement.

Ledger Mania the Board Game

Ledger Mania is often compared to Monopoly, which many professors have converted into a classroom activity to teach accounting.
There are plenty of sources on the web with suggestions for converting Monopoly into an accounting classroom activity.
Two of the better ones are offered from the University of Wisconsin ( and from SmartPros (

Ledger Mania Comparison

All of these Monopoly game solutions, however, suffer from the same problems:

  • Monopoly’s play is designed to collect the most valuable properties or the most cash, not to teach accounting.
  • Monopoly’s many non-accounting transactions (e.g., Go Directly to Jail, Pass GO and Collect $200, Win a Beauty Contest) must be recast into accounting terms
  • Many of the Monopoly game approaches take considerable classroom time, something in short supply in an
    accounting classroom
  • Converting Monopoly to teach accounting takes no small amount of the professor’s time, whether using one of the web based approaches or designing one’s own
  • Given the considerable preparation required, the
    Monopoly approach usually emphasizes one skill set and is played only once in a semester (i.e., difficult to re-use to teach different skill sets)
  • Monopoly game pieces or game cards are easily lost or destroyed, rendering the game unplayable

Ledger Mania directly overcomes these problems:

  • Ledger Mania is specifically designed to teach basic accounting principles – a team wins by being the best accountants, not by collecting the most properties or cash
  • No shoehorning of non-accounting game cards or squares – Ledger Mania uses financial accounting terms
  • Ledger Mania is flexible – teams can play for 30 minutes or however much time your class has available
  • No preparation work by the professor – Ledger Mania is ready to play right out of the box!
  • Ledger Mania offers several transaction set options to teach different accounting skills. It is also customizable and allows the professor to develop his or her own transaction sets to teach specific accounting skills
  • Ledger Mania does not rely on easily lost game pieces or game cards. All that is needed for play are the game board, tokens, one die, and downloadable transaction sets and instructions. Ledger Mania is designed to last years through hundreds of plays!

The bottom line:

Transforming the Monopoly board game into an accounting classroom activity takes a considerable amount of the professor’s time which is neither free nor fun. The out of pocket costs for Monopoly may only be $10 or $20, but that approach costs much more in real terms with less than spectacular results for either the students or the professor.

Ledger Mania provides the professor an educational and relevant accounting classroom activity right out of the box. It can be used again and again during the semester to teach different accounting skills. Ledger Mania is the interactive accounting classroom activity that makes learning accounting fun!

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