Debby Bloom, Creator of Ledger Mania

Debby Bloom, CMA, CFM, CSCA, has been teaching accounting since 1994 and is one of accounting’s chief cheerleaders as a career and major for business students. Debby has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Boston University, a master’s degree in Accounting from Suffolk University, and a master’s degree in Mathematical Finance from UNC Charlotte. In addition, Debby holds the following certifications: Certified Management Accountant (CMA), Certified Financial Manager (CFM), Certified in Strategy and Competitive Analysis (CSCA), certified in Data Visualization, certified in Data Modeling, and certified in Forecasting and Predictive Analytics.

Debby created Ledger Mania in order to facilitate student learning and make gamification easier for instructors. Traditional accounting education encourages students to be passive; they know if they say “I don’t know” enough times, the instructor or the software will give them the answer. Ledger Mania, with its combination of random transactions (so students cannot copy from one another) in combination with gamification makes students want to participate and “win” the game by being the best accountant.

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