Our accounting fundamentals class often has a steep learning curve for students. Since we are a technical college, most of our students have little to no experience in accounting at all. I’ve found that by flipping the class a bit and using more interactive tools, students pick up the basic concepts faster and more reliably. One of the tools I use is Ledger Mania! Students were excited about playing the role of business owner and beginning the process of learning to record and post transactions. They had a great time and were able to produce accurate journals, postings, trial balances and ultimately financial statements. They got to experience the entire process and all of them said it was really helpful. I love that it truly engaged them in the process and in the moment. And our review afterwards was enthusiastic and positive. I will absolutely use this game for every fundamental class I have. And I’ll soon be varying the game to include other topics in my accounting principles class! It’s a great way to give them some hands-on experience to enhance their learning.


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